• NIH has awarded Prof. Li with $1.8M for supporting a 5-year research project to study induced pluripotent stem cells for cartilage repair (July 2015).

  • Dawson Tsai receives the New Investigator Recognition Award (NIRA) at the Orthopaedic Research Society Annual Meeting for his research to investigate how mesenchymal stem cells are regulated by endothelial cells (March 2015).

  • The 3M Corp. has awarded Prof. Wan-Ju Li the Non-tenured Faculty Award, which includes a three-year, $45,000 grant to study braided nanofibers as a three-dimensional scaffold that replicates the body's extracellular matrix to regulate embryonic stem cell differentiation in vitro for ligament tissue engineering.

  • John Barber's paper 'Braided nanofibrous scaffold for tendon and ligament tissue engineering" is published in Tissue Eng Part A 2011.

  • Andrew Handorf's paper "Fibroblast growth factor-2 primes human mesenchymal stem cells for enhanced chondrogenesis" is published PLos One 2011.